THE TOP 10 CRAFT SUPPLIES every mom should to have

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting

When you’re crafting with kids crafts - knowing what supplies to buy, and how to organize it can feel a bit overwhelming. Plus, the last thing you need is to be running back and forth to the craft store for things like pipe cleaners that you forgot to grab last time.

If you feel like it’s a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone! I can definitely relate. When I first started, I felt like I was running to the store to grab something every day! It drove me crazy.

Also, I had my craft supplies EVERYWHERE throughout the house. Anytime I went to make a new craft, I had to hunt for simple things like scissors and glue because nothing was organized. The more crafts and activities I created, the more I realized that I needed to do something about this. So I created a checklist of all the craft materials I use frequently while I’m crafting with my daughter. Then I brought that checklist to the store and stocked up on supplies. I also bought a big storage bin to hold all of my craft supplies. Now I just pull out the storage bin every time I make a new craft. It’s so much easier.

Why is this important? When you have all the supplies on hand, it’s A LOT easier to get crafting, even if you didn’t plan for it.

For example, let’s say you decide to make egg carton flowers one afternoon spontaneously with your kids. You don’t have to head to the store first to stock up on paints, because you have everything organized in your crafting storage bin ready to go.

So here is a my list of my must-have supplies to nice-to-haves so you can get crafting with your kids immediately on any type of project!

But first, make sure you download the free checklist to help you get organized…

Grab the free checklist here so you can get organized with your supplies:

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting


Before I get started on sharing the supplies list, I wanted to share my favorite places to shop for budget-friendly supplies:

  • The Dollar Store: If I’m stocking up on new craft supplies, I always head to the dollar store first. The dollar store usually has a pretty great selection of craft supplies so you might be able to grab majority of things from here. One thing I’m a little cautious about purchasing there is acrylic paint - I find that the quality can be sometimes hit and miss (usually I have to apply more coats of paint because it’s a little runny). And sometimes the paint at the dollar store is dried out completely. If you do buy your paints from the dollar store, make sure to shake them first and see if they sound like there’s still liquid inside. It might just be dried up paint.

  • Thrift Stores: I am personally a big fan of thrift stores and shop at them frequently for household items, kids items and art supplies. You can also find a lot of great kids art supplies here! I’ve been able to find kids scissors, construction paper, pom poms, paint and pipe cleaners, all for a fraction of the price.

  • Craft Stores: If I can’t find something at the dollar store or my local thrift store, then I’ll go to Michael’s craft store to grab what I need. I LOVE Michaels craft store! They almost always have everything that I could ever be looking for craft-wise. But the price is a bit more expensive. So I usually go here for things I can’t find elsewhere, and to look through all the pretty seasonal items they have (I love the Easter, Halloween and Christmas items!)

  • Amazon: Amazon is another great place to shop for craft supplies. You can basically find everything you need here and save the effort of driving around to find your supplies. My personal preference is to find things locally first, and if I can’t find it here, then I order online through amazon.

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting

Now let’s get on to the list of supplies…

THE TOP 7 crafting WITH KIDS must-have SUPPLIES:

First, I want to point out that you really don’t need all of these things to craft with your kids! You can easily start with a couple of basics if you’re on a really tight budget. Crafting with kids does NOT have to be expensive! In fact, I believe that it should be the opposite and we should try use recycled materials from around the house and thrift stores because it lets kids learn about sustainability and creative problem solving.

For example: Two of my favorite materials to craft with are the good ol’ toilet paper roll and cardboard egg cartons. There are so many cool things you can make with them like butterflies and snakes!


I am almost always using these seven items in every single craft I make on the blog. Most of them, you probably already have at home. You might have to buy the acrylic paint, paintbrushes, sharpies and hot glue gun. But they aren’t very expensive.

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting

For me, one of the best things I “invested” in was a bunch of acrylic paints in a variety of colors (they weren’t very expensive - I think it cost me about $20 in total). I buy all of my paints from Michaels Craft Store, but you can also buy a really nice set of acrylic paint colors on amazon for less than $20. You don’t need this many paints to start. It’s just nice to have them. If you want to start with just the basics, I would choose red, yellow, blue, white and black. Then you can mix these primary colors to make different colors (ex. blue and red make purple, yellow and blue make green, etc).

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting


Okay, so now that you know the the basics that I recommend every mom has in their craft kit, let’s get on to the rest of the supplies. I’ve linked them below using my affiliate links to Amazon:

The top 10 craft supplies every mom should have for kids crafting

Recycled Materials for crafting with kids:

Last but not least is my list of recycled materials. Crafting with recycled materials is easy and fun! There are a few simple recycled materials that I use regularly in my crafts, and usually store in a closet until I’m ready to use them.

Here’s the list of recycled craft materials I like to keep on hand:

  • Cardboard egg cartons

  • Aluminum tin cans

  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Paper towel rolls

  • Cardboard

  • Glass jars

  • Plastic lids

Did you grab the free craft supplies checklist yet?

It’s available in my free resource library so if you are already signed up for my mailing list, you can grab it there. If not, sign up and I will email you the password!

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about the top 10 craft supplies every mom should have! I’m sure you noticed a few things on this list that you already have lying around the house. The rest is pretty inexpensive to purchase, especially if you go to the dollar store and thrift stores first.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and ask. I’m always happy to help.

Happy creating friends!




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