Easy Robot Craft For Kids

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We're going through a loooong cold spell right now in our city. And I'm beginning to get a little stir crazy. Trying to find indoor things to do with Lue has become a regular routine as we miss our outdoor walks and playground dates.

Apparently, the weather forecast for summer just came out and they predict at least three more weeks of this before we turn into Spring, but our Summer this year is supposed to be warmer than normal. I guess we'll see.

So while we're stuck inside during these cold days, I'm dreaming up cute craft ideas to keep Lue entertained.

This Robot Craft For Kids is a really fun project for any age! The materials you need are pretty minimal (just a few toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls and some paint). 

And I've created a fun template of all the robot parts for you! 

Your kids will love the ability to imagine their own robot creations with lots of options for eyes, teeth, and robot parts. All you need to do (depending on their age) is help them paint and glue on the pieces.

This craft takes approximately 1 hour, depending on how many you make and how long it takes for the paint to dry.

Below are your full instructions for how to make the Robot Craft For Kids (trust me, it's super easy) along with the download link to get the free PDF template.

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  • paint (I used acrylic in pink, yellow and blue)

  • paintbrushes

  • scissors

  • glue

  • 3-4 toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half or thirds)

  • robot template (available in my free resource library — get the password for free by clicking this link and filling out the form)

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1. First, you'll want to paint each toilet paper roll the color of your choice. I used yellow, blue and pink acrylic paint for my robots. The thinner the coat of paint is, the quicker it will dry. 

2. While the paint is drying you can download the robot parts template (available in my free resource library — get the password for free by clicking this link and filling out the form). Then, print it out and cut around each shape and place on the table so your kids can see all the options.

3. Once everything is dry, feel free to add accents to the robots shapes. For example, I cut small triangles out of the top of the yellow and folded the sides in on the blue to place another piece on top (this was glued on using a hot glue gun).

4. Next comes the fun part! Using a small dab of glue, start attaching your robot pieces in whatever way you like.

Now the robots are ready for play! These robots have a lot of character to them, so it's easy to get your kids telling you stories about who they are and why they look the way they do. I hope you enjoyed this kids craft tutorial!


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