Egg Carton Snake Craft

Egg Carton Snake Craft Tutorial

Picture my kid taking this egg carton snake craft EVERYWHERE with us for an entire week.

That’s exactly what happened after we put this project together.

“SSSSSSSsssssssssss” she would say as she pulled her snake behind her, letting it slither around.

Now, if you’re new here (Welcome!), you may not know this about me yet, but you will soon. I LOVE a good craft that is inexpensive, colorful and FUN to make! And this snake craft made out of an old cardboard egg carton is a perfect example.

Egg Carton Snake Craft supplies

To make your new snake friend you’ll need a few cheap materials, most of which you probably already have hanging around.


Egg Carton Snake Craft tutorial instructions


  • Cut the egg carton lid and tabs off. Then, one-by-one, cut out each scoop piece. Depending on what your egg carton looked like (they’re all kind of different) your scoops might be a little uneven. That’s no problem though. Mine were uneven and it still turned out great. Just make them as even as you can with your scissors.

  • Next, with a pen or pencil, poke a big hole into the top of each scoop.

Egg Carton Snake Craft colors

After that, choose what colors you want the snake to be and start painting! You will need 2 of each color to form the snake body. There’s no rules here, just have fun. Let those dry completely before the next step.

Egg Carton Snake Craft detail

Now, arrange the scoops in the order that your snake will be. For mine, I decided that blue would be the head of the snake and purple would be the tail.

Next, add polka dots or any other kind of pattern making you’d like to the egg carton pieces. I decided to add polka dots to every other color so that some were solid and some were patterned.

Egg Carton Snake Craft detail

Now, tie a big knot on one end of a loooong piece of string (make sure it’s long enough so the kids have enough string to pull the snake craft around comfortably). I used hemp twine.

Using a straw, pull the string through it and use this to help guide the string through each hole of the egg carton scoops.

While you’re starting to assemble, squish the two matching egg cartons into each other. This will form the colorful body of the snake.

When you’re done with all of them, tie another big double knot on the other end (the one where the snake face will be) to secure the string.

Egg Carton Snake Craft - making the face

Now it’s time to make the face!

I cut a long piece of pink felt for the tongue and tied a knot on one end. Then I fed that through the hole on the front egg carton scoop. If you don’t have felt, you can use a piece of construction paper for the tongue and glue it to the front.

Lastly, add the eyes and glue them in place. Let that dry for a few minutes.

Egg Carton Snake Craft - toddler playing with craft

Now you’ve got your snake to start sssssssssslithering around with!

Like I mentioned earlier, a long string is key so that your kids can use it to pull the snake around.

Egg Carton Snake Craft

I loved how easy this craft was to make. Lou and I had loads of fun putting it together.

Egg Carton Snake Craft

This egg carton snake craft is an easy and inexpensive craft project to create with your kids. And in no time you’ll hear “SSSSSSssssssss” sounds as these Slippery Snakes Slither Silently all throughout your house…. say that one 5 times fast!

Happy creating friends!