How To Make Mermaid Toast

how to make mermaid toast

Crafts don’t have to just be made with paper, they can be edible too! So today, I’m sharing how to make mermaid toast so you can let your kids play with their food! This technique is really easy and the ingredients are probably not what you’re thinking they are (hint: it’s not sugary icing).

My daughter spent HOURS playing and painting with this mermaid toast. And when she was done, she wanted to put it in the fridge to play with it later. By that point the toast was ready to go in the compost - it was definitely not edible. But she still wanted to play. It was pretty funny.

So this Mermaid Toast is one of the easiest projects to set up for your kid and they’re gonna love it.

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how to make mermaid toast


First, let’s start with the obvious question: what is mermaid toast?

It’s a trend that started a couple years ago on instagram (just take a look to see the mermaid toast hashtag). Some people also call it unicorn toast. Instagram is where I originally got the idea from. The colors you can make using very simple ingredients are stunning and very photogenic. Plus, I love any craft that involves a rainbow!

At first glance, you might be thinking that this mermaid toast is created using colored frosting. But it isn’t!

In fact, it’s made with cream cheese and natural dyes. Fun, right!? I suppose you could make it with icing, but I can’t imagine eating it afterward. I bet my daughter could though. Luckily I’m the parent.

how to make mermaid toast - step by step process


To make this beautiful mermaid toast you only need a few simple ingredients, bread, cream cheese, natural dye powders, and some toppings (optional).

You need spirulina powder, beet root powder and turmeric powder. You’re probably wondering where the heck to get those. I buy mine from the bulk section at my organic grocery store in small quantities. If you don’t have a local organic store nearby, then you can purchase them through Amazon (these are my affiliate links). You can buy spirulina powder here, beet root powder here, and turmeric powder here.

I should also mention that these superfood powders are great to have in your kitchen for other recipes! I used beet root powder to make the pink icing on my daughter’s birthday cake this year. It turned out a beautiful soft pink color. The superfood powders are great for adding natural color to any baking that involves icing. You can even color the cake itself with these natural dyes. So they’re definitely useful.

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how to make mermaid toast - step by step process

Here are the basic steps to make mermaid toast:

The image above shares exactly how I made the green mermaid toast. But here is the step-by-step process so you feel confident in just how simple it really is:

  1. Toast your bread.

  2. Spread an even layer of plain cream cheese over the toast.

  3. Spoon out a big dollop of colored cream cheese on top.

  4. Spread that out over the toast in any way that you like using a butter knife.

  5. To darken the color, you can sprinkle a bit more powder directly to the toast. This creates an ombre effect.

  6. Mix the powder in using your butter knife and create swirls and lines that mimic the ocean. That’s it!

how to make mermaid toast

To make mermaid toast, you will always start with a base layer of plain cream cheese. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. This layer makes it so much easier to spread the colors to create different designs and painterly effects.

how to make mermaid toast


Here are the simple steps to create the colors for mermaid toast. First, make sure to create each color in separate containers. I really like these small mason jars.

  1. Add the plain cream cheese to the container.

  2. Add in the dye powder (in this example I’m using turmeric powder). Start with 1 teaspoon first.

  3. Stir thoroughly until all the powder is mixed in. If you want the color to be darker, keep adding powder in small increments until you reach your desired color.

how to make mermaid toast - toppings for the toast


There are so many fun things you can add to the top of mermaid toast for decoration. I created these stars from cantaloupe and watermelon using tiny star cookie cutters (you can buy them here).

The options are endless for what kinds of toppings you could add, but here are a few ideas to get started with. I’ve linked to them below using my amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Here are some other things you could use as toppings:

how to make mermaid toast


Here’s a list of all the ingredients I used to make the mermaid toast. Some items below are affiliate links for your convenience at no additional cost to you.



  1. Add a thick layer of cream cheese on to toast. Sprinkle powder on the side and using a butter knife, carefully mix the powder making swirling motions like the waves of the ocean, Spread it over to the other side for full coverage. Add the next powder in the middle.

  2.  For each, use a very small amount of the ingredient and then add slowly from there to get your desired color. 

how to make mermaid toast

Mermaid toast is such a fun way to encourage kids to actually play with their food and explore new ideas! With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll be able to create beautiful rainbow effects on toast.

Hope you enjoy!