How To Print Our Printables

When we tell people that we make printables, we often get asked "what is a printable?" We also get a lot of people purchasing a printable for their very first time. So here is our quick start guide on what printables are and how to print them.


Printable Prints (or Printables) are pieces of artwork or worksheets that you can download online and print at home. By downloading and printing them yourself, you will save loads of money on shipping costs and the product markup (we sell our printables starting at $3). You won't have to wait for weeks for your product to arrive in the mail. Instead, you'll receive them instantly after you purchase. PLUS you'll help to lessen your carbon footprint by avoiding the shipping of a parcel. It's a win/win for you and the environment.


how to print our printables

All Mom Printables are high resolution, 300 dpi. But where you actually print out your printable can affect the size of your printable. Colors and quality of print can be affected by the quality of the printer, paper and ink used. 

For best results, here are our recommendations for a high-quality print.

1. How To Download Your Files And Print At Home

STEP ONE: Once You've selected As soon as you place your order, you'll receive a download of the printable file. 

STEP TWO: Download the size of file you want to print. For most people, it will be 8x11 inches. 

STEP THREE: Open the file and select "print"

 STEP FOUR: Select your printing options.

2. How To Print At Your Local Print Shop or Office Store



  • Printing at a local print shop is great for getting larger prints made (including 11x14 inches)

  • The quality can sometimes be significantly better than printing at home (depending on where you take it to)

  • Many printing stores will be able to print a borderless option for you, which works great if you have a colored background like the example we've used in this post.

If you want to have your artwork printed by a local print shop or office store, you can transfer the file to a USB flash drive or send them the PDF file through their website.

However, we suggest going in and talking to someone about what you're printing first. It just makes things easier. Also, they will be able to recommend what paper and printing options to go with when they know exactly what you're printing. 

The quality of print will vary depending on the store you are taking it to. For example, we find that when we print at Staples, our prints are done on thin paper and the colors aren't nearly as vivid as we'd like them to be.

Personally, we prefer the Fedex Office (Kinkos) based on quality and experience. But smaller local printing services in your community are also great options!


Printing a printable can feel intimidating at first, but it's much easier than you think! Whether you choose to print at home or take the file to a local print shop to have them print it, you will end up with a great result in the end! 

We hope that this step by step guide was useful.