Kids Chore Chart Free Printable

I’m so excited to share this free kids chore chart with you! This chore chart is easily customizable for your child’s specific chore list. There is also space to write out their name a list of weekly chores, and spaces to check off when the chore is done.

kids chore chart free printable

I’m only in the beginning stages of assigning chores to my daughter, as she’s three years old. The chores we’ve started with are pretty simple, but I can already see the benefits and how these will help her development.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the benefits of giving chores to children and I found out that chores are a great way for kids to feel responsibility in the house. By giving kids specific tasks, they feel a sense of ownership.

Doing chores also makes a child feel like they’re part of the team. Pitching in and helping the family for the greater good raises them to utilize this message in the real world, and basically become better citizens.

kids chore chart free printable

Depending on what age your child is, their chores will probably vary. Here’s a list of age appropriate chores that you can use as inspiration to create your own list for your child. I’ve included this cheatsheet in the free chore chart printable!

age appropriate chore ideas - kids chore chart free printable
kids chore chart free printable

The fun part of the chore chart printable is definitely when kids get to color their circle in after they’ve completed each chore. This is an easy system for kids to see their accomplishments over time.

For most families, the best place to keep this chore chart printable is on the fridge or a kitchen bulletin board. That way, kids can be held accountable to accomplishing their weekly chores.

kids chore chart free printable

Oh, and I thought this was cute so I wanted to show you. :)

As I said, my daughter is only three years old, but she is super curious about what numbers and words are. After I took photos for this blog post, she wanted to play with the chore chart printable and crayons. I love watching how her little brain works and is starting to process things. It’s pretty incredible watching your child learn and grow. Look how she tries to write in the lines and color in the dots just like her mama. So cute.

kids chore chart free printable

Well I hope you enjoy this chore chart free printable! It’s great for any mom who wants to encourage more responsibility for their kids at home. I’ve also included the age appropriate chore list inside the free printable to help provide a little inspiration.

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