Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

Today I’m sharing one of my most favorite craft projects to date, the Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY. I mean, the color! The patterns! It’s just way too fun. In full disclosure, I created these wooden toy blocks at night while my daughter was asleep. I feel a little guilty for not letting her help me. But it was SO FUN and like a relaxing meditation ritual or something. Painting dots and lines and adding pops of colour - I got really into it. Even my husband was jealous and wanted to join in on the fun - maybe it could make for a good date night at home next time?!

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

The Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY is very inexpensive to make. I ended up finding the perfect set of pre-made wooden blocks on amazon. It was full of many different shapes and sizes, and it even came with a carrying case.

To be honest, I was really inspired by the Duplo sets that my daughter plays with at the library. I know that there are loads of Duplo kits out there, but the ones at the library are very generic and they’re my personal favorite. They allow the kids to explore and create things on their own terms, rather than follow a specific theme or design.

The library Duplo always includes 1 or 2 little people, some windows, and the flowers (if you know Duplo, then you know what I’m talking about - they’re like the prize gems when you snag one at the library for your play time).

So, using this as inspiration, I went with the same kind of theme here. I made lots of fun colored faces, some windows, some doors and then loads of random pattern pieces. That way, Lue can explore making buildings, adding people, or whatever she wants. When all the toy wooden blocks are stacked together, it’s like a party of color!

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft - supplies needed


  • wooden blocks - buy here

  • non-toxic acrylic paint - buy here

  • paintbrushes in a few different sizes - buy here

  • sharpie marker or paint pen - buy here

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft
Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft


In the above picture you can see how I organized the wooden blocks in to four categories: triangles, pillars, doors and windows, people and faces.

STEP ONE | ORGANIZE THE FACES: First, I picked out the shapes I wanted to paint the people and faces on to. I started with these because they are like the visual glue that ties everything together.

STEP TWO | WINDOWS AND DOORS: Next, I chose the wooden blocks for the windows and doors. Also important details.

STEP THREE | USE YOUR IMAGINATION: The rest was kind of a mish mash of deciding as I went - some became patterned blocks, some used the color-blocking method, and some just became solid blocks.

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

There was a lot of waiting for paint to dry and moving around to other wooden blocks while that happened.

But I found that by painting one color at a time on a bunch of blocks, I was able to go a bit faster. In the above picture, you can see an example of how I was able to do that with yellow. As you can see, I didn’t paint all the sides yellow, because I wanted to do different colors here - some sides became teal, some patterned, some red.

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

Same goes for the faces, I added patterns to the sides or different pops of color. But really, I just let my creativity go wild. I wasn’t worried if the lines were perfect. That’s the beauty of things that are handmade. I’ve always loved and appreciated that about creativity.

Also, it’s not always easy to use a fine tip paintbrush to make marks or paint faces. I really struggled with that on this project. So, I recommend using a sharpie marker or a paint pen (buy here) which will allow for a lot more control. A paint pen would be great for the pattern making on these toy wooden blocks. If I were to do the project over, I would probably use one.

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft
Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

I just can’t get enough of how FUN these Kids Painted Toy Blocks look when they’re stacked together!

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

So when it comes to painting them, you basically have two options: you can paint everything yourself while your kids are asleep (which I highly recommend because it’s sooo fun) and give the blocks to your kids as a gift.

OR you can have your kids paint the wooden blocks themselves and they’ll have loads of fun doing it. This would give you some free time while they’re distracted for at least an hour (also a good choice).

There’s really no right or wrong way to do it.

Kids Painted Toy Blocks DIY craft

Well I hope you enjoyed this super fun kids painted toy blocks DIY! It was such a treat for me to put this together. What I really love is that you don’t have to actually make the wooden blocks yourself (meaning cut and sand them - that would take forever). You can just purchase these ones here instead. Then you get to do the fun part and paint them! With a little bit of creativity and your imagination, you’ll have a colorful village for your kids to enjoy and play with.

Happy creating friends!