Painted Rock Photo Holders

Painted rock photo holders craft

The other day, my family and I biked down to the river. We live pretty close, so it’s not too difficult with a toddler. The sun was shining and it was a great day outside. Lou and I picked out a few smooth river rocks to bring back home and make this easy craft with.

These painted rock photo holders are very easy to make and your kids will LOVE getting involved! I think that half of the fun is going outside to hunt for the rocks versus buying store bought ones from a craft store.

Not everybody has access to a river nearby (we are very lucky, I know). But the rocks you use certainly don’t have to be smooth. They can be rough and jagged if you want them to be. Use what you’ve got near by and let your kids enjoy the adventure of finding a few that they love.

Painted rock photo holders craft


To make the painted rock photo holders, you only need a few simple things. I’ve linked to them below using my amazon affiliate links.

  • rocks

  • acrylic paint (buy here)

  • paintbrushes (buy here)

  • craft wire (buy here)

  • craft pliers (buy here)

Painted rock photo holders craft


The first step is to paint the rocks a solid color. This may take 1-2 coats depending on your paint. I painted one side, let that dry and then painted the other side. Then I repeated these steps for a second coat.

Painted rock photo holders craft

My daughter decided to go for a different approach and painted a bunch of her favorite colors all at once. She was very focused as she concentrated on painting. So cute. Truth be told, I had no idea that the simple act of painting rocks would be so much fun for her! She talked about it all day long and was SO EXCITED to share them with dad when he got home.

Funny story: Lou decided to paint one of her rocks brown - it was a basically the perfect shade of rock color. So basically it looked exactly the same as it did before she painted the rock. So funny!

Painted rock photo holders craft

Once the solid color is dry, you can add a pattern on top. I used a fine tip paintbrush and painted three different types of patterns. You can see them all in the first photo of this post.

Once that’s dry, I recommend applying a clear coat of mod podge to keep your rocks from scratching. I forgot to do this step and the rocks definitely could have used it to protect the paint!

Painted rock photo holders craft

The next step is to measure out a piece of craft wire that is 25 inches long, and cut it with the wire cutter part of your pliers. Then, wrap one end around a pen 2-3 times.

Painted rock photo holders craft

Now you can wrap the other end around the rock 1-3 times. Secure the end using your pliers.

rock photo holder 13.jpg

Here is a picture of my daughters little creations. I love how her mind works. The top right one is a happy face, she tells me. And the turquoise one is her polka dots that she wanted to paint just like her mama was doing. :)

Painted rock photo holders craft

These painted rock photo holders are incredibly easy to make. They would also be excellent gifts for your children to give to grandparents, or teachers! Perhaps even pop a photo or starbucks gift card in them for an extra touch.

Some of my favorite crafts are the ones where kids get to have extra experiences, like hunting for materials outdoors. I think it adds that next level magic that we all remember from our own childhood.

If you want another super easy craft to try with your kids, this rainbow butterfly is really fun and mega cheap (it cost less than a dollar to make).

Also, if you end up making this craft, please do email me and tell me or tag me on instagram — I love to see your creations! And, as always, let me know if you have any questions.




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