Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

I’m so excited about this Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Bin, it turned out even better than I envisioned! It’s an easy sensory play project that kids of almost every age (3 and up) can get into and the finished project will provide hours and hours of fun for your children!

Also, did I mention how inexpensive it is?

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

I purchased a heaping bag of dried chickpeas from the bulk bin at my grocery store, which cost me only $7. Those, plus some paint, and a few plastic bags (or plastic containers), and that’s all you need to make this wonderful chickpea sensory play bin.

Putting this project together was a total feast for the eyes. My inner artist gets so excited when I see all the colors lined up side by side. It’s makes such a beautiful rainbow!

But, you know that rainbow only lasted for a few seconds, right!? As soon as my daughter got her hands on the sensory bin, she had a blast mixing it all up.

Truthfully, the result of that looked just as beautiful. You can scroll down to see the photos of how the chickpea sensory bin turned out.

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin - instructions


  1. To make the rainbow chickpea sensory bin, you’ll need dried chickpeas, paint, plastic bags and a measuring cup. The first step is to decide what colors you want the chickpeas to be, I decided to go with the full rainbow (ROYGBIV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

  2. Next, divided all your chickpeas into separate bags for each color. I used a little over 1 cup of dried chickpeas for each color.

  3. Squirt some non toxic acrylic paint into the bag, seal it up, and shake shake shake! As you shake, the paint will distribute evenly over all of the chickpeas. If you didn’t add enough paint to cover them, just add some more and shake again!

  4. Repeat this process for each of your colors. Open the bags up and let them dry for a few minutes. The chickpeas will dry pretty quickly so you don’t have to wait too long.

  5. After that, you just need to pour them into the container your kids will use to play. Then, add some scoops and small containers. Ask your kids for any other toy ideas they’d like to add.

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

The chickpeas are perfectly imperfect.

Little specks of their natural color still show and their shape is so beautiful.

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

I mean, how can you not LOVE them? They’re just so pretty.

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

To keep things as neat as possible, I used a big clear plastic bin. I also told my daughter that in order to play with them, they have to stay inside the big bin. That means, no walking around the house with scoops full of chickpeas. She was totally fine with that and has been happily playing with the chickpea sensory bin since we made it yesterday.

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

Don’t forget the scoops and small containers that kids can put the chickpeas inside of. That’s where the fun is!

Because I made this rainbow chickpea sensory bin in March, I had a few plastic Easter eggs lying around from other craft projects I’ve been working on. So I gave my daughter one in each color.

Those were a big game changer.

She loved opening and closing them and hearing the sound it makes when you shake them! If you don’t have any of those, just use regular plastic containers with lids - those will be just as fun!

Rainbow Chickpea Sensory Play Bin

What about a few toy trucks to drive around, or a mermaid to swim in the sea of colors? Let your children decide what toys they’d like to add.

This rainbow chickpea sensory bin has been loads for fun so far. Plus it was super easy to make. With some paint and a big bag of chickpeas you’ll have a project that’s loads of fun for your kids to play with.

Happy creating friends!