Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Craft

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft: Design your own doll face necklace using wood beads and paint. Create two different doll styles, one with pig tails and the other will a top knot and outfit. You can design them any way you want - the options are endless! A great activity for developing fine motor skills.

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft

Lue and I just started taking a mom and tot yoga class this month. In the first class we “went to the jungle”. We chased tigers, climbed mountains, hid under rocks, all while doing sun salutations and downward dog poses.

When I was a little girl, no older than 4 years old, my mom put me in a ballet class. In one of those classes we “went to the zoo”. I remember standing on my tippy toes and pretending to give the ticket to the zoo keeper, being a hippo, monkey and lion. My imagination so vividly went there. It was so powerful for me that I can still picture it today, at 37 years old.

Imagination is a powerful, wonderful, glorious thing.

The same thing can happen when you’re making crafts. You can take any object and use it like a blank canvas. Then, with your imagination you can make it come alive into something completely different.

That’s one of the reasons I love crafting so much.

Well with this today’s craft, we’re imagining little doll people coming to life from simple wood beads. Then we’re turning them into special little necklaces.

The beauty of this kids craft is that it’s completely customizable. You can change the hair color, skin color, and clothes to be whatever color you want!

I’ll guide you through the process of how to make these wood bead doll face necklaces, but you get to use your imagination to make them whatever you want them to be!

wood bead doll face necklace kids craft - supplies needed


  • wood beads (buy here)

  • paper plate (just to hold the paint)

  • string for necklace (you can use anything, or you can buy necklace cord like I used here)

  • paintbrushes (one fine brush for detail, and one a bit bigger) buy here

  • wooden skewers (buy here)

  • non toxic acrylic paint (buy here)

  • masking tape

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft - directions

In order to paint the beads, we need to make a place for them to sit.

That’s where the wooden skewers come into play. Wrap a bit of masking tape around the skewers to hold them in place, and then stand them in a jar.

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft - step by step details


Now I’ll explain how I made the wood bead necklace with the black hair, which I’m calling the pigtail doll necklace.

For this necklace you need 1 large wood bead, and 2 smaller wood beads.

First, I used a fine tip brush and gently painted the lines of where the bangs would be on the face. You can also use a sharpie marker to do this part if that makes you more comfortable.

Then, I started filling the hair in with paint and a bigger brush. I continued on to the backside of the bead so that it resembles what hair would look like.

While that one is drying, you can make the pigtail beads. For those you need to paint them all black (or whatever color of hair you’d like them to be).

Now, with the fine brush (or sharpie marker) paint dots for the eyes and a small line for the mouth. Add two more dots of pink paint for some rosy cheeks.

That’s it!

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft

Here she is! She’s pretty cute, isn’t she!?

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft - step by step instructions


Okay, let’s make the Top Knot Wood Bead Doll Face necklace. For this one you’ll need 2 large beads, and 1 small one.

This one is a bit different. For this one, you will be painting the face in the opposite direction than you did for the last one. Don’t know what I mean? Just look at the photos and compare the face beads to see how they sit on the skewers. They are both in different directions.

To paint the face bead, you’ll use the same method as I did with the pigtail doll necklace: map out the bangs with a fine brush, then start painting the hair in. Let that dry. Add dots for the eyes, a line for the mouth, and 2 more pink dots for the cheeks.

Next, paint the small bead to match the hair - this will be the top knot.

The last bead is her outfit - so you can do whatever you think would be fun! I chose to make my bead blue with yellow polka dots.

That’s it! Let those beads dry completely before you make the necklace.

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft

These two necklaces are strung in opposite ways. The pigtail doll necklace is strung on the normal way. And the top knot doll necklace is attached by both strands going through the bead and a big knot at the bottom to hold all beads in place.

See what I mean in the photo above! :)

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft

And there you have it! An easy craft that is sure to spark your child’s imagination.

These little doll face necklaces are pretty special, they can be whatever you want them to be. Ask your child what they should look like - and let them help you paint them!

Wood Bead Doll Face Necklace Kids Craft

May daughter is obsessed with wearing them and I know your kids will love them too!

Happy creating!