Freezer Meal Labels

Freezer Meal Labels



  • A Freezer Meal template that’s easy for you to fill out so you can save time and know exactly what’s inside your freezer.

  • Divided into separate sections for recipe name, date, ingredients and instructions so that you know exactly what’s inside and how to cook it.

  • Includes PDF downloadable printable that you’ll receive as soon as you order.


Freezer meals are one of the best ways to save time and money. They allow you to prepare fresh, healthy meals in advance that you can pull out and prepare in a flash. I love preparing freezer meals for the slow cooker in advance. But it’s a really big pain to write on the plastic bags - it’s always so hard to see! That’s why I created these freezer labels. Now you can know exactly what’s inside and how long it’s been there.

Mama Tip: Print extra copies on adhesive 8.5” x 11” paper and keep them in a clear sleeve for easy access.

*This is a digital PDF product sent to you through email. Nothing physical will be mailed to you.

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